Business English course in Barcelona: let’s speak English

Business English course in Barcelona

Our business English course in Barcelona: the best way to improve your English

More and more Spanish companies demand people being able to maintain a good conversation in business  English.  Everybody knows  English has become the universal language in business. In our Business English course in Barcelona we are going to learn basic expressions on how communicate properly in writting and speaking in the business world.
Spanish firms invest more economic resources to export their products increasingly. Also, our country’s economy now depend on external factors due to globalization of the world. Therefore, being able to maintain good communication in English is becoming more essential in the business world.
In this course we are going to learn how to:
1. Follow a normal conversation on the telephone in your job in English
2. Write emails related to business in a formal and informal way
3. What should be the formal pattern in a business letter.
3. How to write a Curriculum Vitae in English
4. The best way to go ahead successfully in job interviews: the most common expressions
5. International Trade: most common words and expressions if you want to contact other companies abroad (suppliers or customers).
If you have a certain English level and you want to improve your business English, just JOIN US!!


-For companies who want to invest in English courses for their employers
-For groups of people that want to improve their English